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Recreation for everyone

Our older citizens can enjoy sports, too.

Thinking about Pickleball for the last Kentlands Express led to thoughts about Kentlands recreational facilities for our more mature demographic. Let’s face it: tennis court, basketball court, and swimming pool users tend to range from the very young to the middle aged. Anecdotally, the “younger” recreational pool users degrade the pool deck experience for what we might term the “more mature” set when pool activities are at their liveliest.

We do have two facilities that cater to folks who prefer something with “low physical fitness requirements” (according to Wikipedia!).courts

The first of these is our shuffleboard court, which lies between tennis courts 3 and 4. We cleaned the court surface earlier this year and have basic discs and cues available in the Clubhouse for anyone who wants to play.

The court does not appear to be used at all, however, which casts some doubt on how it should be addressed in the future. Part of the low, or zero, utilization rate may be that the court is not in the best of shape and needs to be resurfaced and re-striped. This yields the classic question: “if we put the court to rights, will they come?” Making the shuffleboard court a very nice one is not likely to be an enormous expense, say a few thousand dollars, but any expenditure is hard to justify if no one will make use of the results.

This is a wonderful opportunity to make your voice heard!

The second sport our recreational facility provides for those who prefer a slower pace is horseshoes. The two pits with stakes are at the far end of the shuffleboard court. Unlike the shuffleboard court, the horseshoe pits are in fine shape. As with shuffleboard, the necessary equipment is available in the Clubhouse.

Bocce is a third low fitness requirement game that many folks enjoy but we have no bocce court or equipment nor is there any plan to add them to the Clubhouse’s assets. Importantly, there is no obvious demand for Bocce as there was for Pickleball.  This is, again, a wonderful opportunity to make your voice heard if you would like to add Bocce to our list of amenities!

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