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After changes, Board addresses TA contract plus trash, dog waste problem

Treasurer Robert Randolph's resignation came after more than eight years of dedicated service.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column has been updated from the original published March 30, 2017.]

In March, KCA Board Treasurer Robert Randolph notified the the Board of his need to resign. Consequently, at the beginning of the March 22nd BOT meeting, Robert tendered his resignation. Robert served as Treasurer from 2005 until 2008, and then again from 2011 until the present. We will greatly miss Robert’s presence on the Board and we thank him for his years of service.

Robert has faithfully shepherded our community finances during the remediation of the Route 124 retaining wall, one of the more trying financial times in Kentlands history. He has dedicated hours tracking our revenue and expenses, serving as ex-officio member of the Budget & Finance Advisory Committee (and assisting the BFAC with budget drafts), and writing the insightful Treasurer columns for the Town Crier

Our by-laws require that the Board fill vacancies by majority vote of the remaining board members. Consequently the remaining board members voted unanimously to appoint Ty Hardaway to the Board of Trustees. Ty served on the Board from November 2014 – October 2016. He will complete Robert’s term that ends in October 2017.

Subsequently, the Board of Trustees reorganized its office positions. David Hoffman assumed the role of Treasurer while Ty assumed the role of Trustee.

Town Architect

As you may have read in last month’s Town Crier or the current Town Courier, our contract with the Town Architect expired at the end of March and was put out for open bid.  At the March Board of Trustees Meeting, KCA President Barney Gorin introduced four bids to the Board, DPZ LLC (our current Town Architect); Karl Riedel Architecture, Inc; Planning and Development Services, Inc., and SNG Engineering Inc.  

President Gorin nominated SNG Engineering as Town Architect. The Board of Trustees did not act on that nomination at that time, desiring a follow-up meeting with SNG during April.  The KCA leadership intends to have a new contract with a Town Architect by the end of April but will also make alternative plans if this does not occur. DPZ agreed to a one month extension to its current contract to cover the Town Architect responsibilities during the month of April.

Community trash and pet waste stations

The KCA leadership examined the growing trash and pet waste concern that we have throughout the community. If you walk throughout the community, it is not unusual to see the trash that is littered throughout the neighborhood and the pet waste that has not been removed. As suggested by one member of the community at the Board meeting, the KCA will increase the number of of trash cans and pet waste stations located throughout the community.

How can you get involved?

The KCA needs to know the locations that need trash cans and waste stations. Please email with proposed locations. We will review submissions in advance of the April BOT meeting.

While the KCA can increase the number of receptacles for trash, only you and your neighbors can work to help ensure that the trash makes it to the trash cans and that people collect after their pets.

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