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Board seeks input on Midtown-Thurgood parking change

City exploring removing to spaces on Midtown Rd to ease traffic flow

The general area and the two parking spaces on Midtown Road that are referenced in the article. Photos: Rob Garretson

A Kentlands resident recently asked the City of Gaithersburg to remove two parking spaces just in front of the stop sign at the intersection of Midtown Road and Thurgood Street. Ollie Mumpower, the Engineering Services Division Chief for the Department of Public Works subsequently asked for input from the Kentlands Board of Trustees regarding the elimination of these two parking spaces on Midtown Road which sit between two parcels of land owned by the Kentlands Citizens Assembly.

According to Mr. Mumpower, these parking spaces were initially added at the community’s request a number of years ago.

The City has suggested it might remove these spaces, but has asked for input from the KCA before taking further action. The KCA Board would like input from the community and will provide any feedback to the city to be included in their decision making process.

If you wish to express your thoughts on this intersection, please email

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