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Busy spring starts with parking query, Kingfish contract, camp out

The city will decide on Thurgood-Midtown parking and burgeoning Kingfish have a new agreement

From the Chairman Chris Campbell

The month from March to April has been very busy for the Kentlands leadership. The effort to renew our Community Architect (CA) contract merits a separate article. I hope that this column this month will provide some answers to some other questions.

Parking Spaces at the Intersection of Thurgood Street and Midtown Road

A March article in the Town Crier detailed the City of Gaithersburg contacting the Board of Trustees about removing two parking spots surrounding the intersection of Thurgood Street and Midtown Road. The Board asked the citizens to weigh in on the issue to give feedback to the city.

Of all of you, 30 different households replied.  Twenty-one emails were sent in favor of removing the parking spots, and nine were sent in favor of keeping the existing spots. Only one resident in the houses surrounding the intersection wrote in favor of removing the spots.  I think it would be fair to extrapolate that people who use the intersection but do not need the parking were in favor of removing those spots, and those who would lose two parking spaces close to their home were against removing the spots.  

Sixteen people cited the intersection as dangerous, eight argued that there is already limited parking and losing two spots would be detrimental, four cited the impact the spots had on slowing traffic and making the intersection safer.  

All this information will be passed along to the city government.  We will send the totals from the survey and the comments that you all provided (with names and addresses removed).  Ultimately, the streets are owned by the city and any decisions will be made by city officials.  Thank you for participating.

Kingfish are Coming

It’s almost swim team season again and the Kingfish are getting ready to hit the pool.  The Kingfish brought their annual one year agreement to the KCA Board at the April Meeting.  The Board approved the new contract.  One provision in this contract is to give the swim team complete use of the lap lane pool during the hours of 4:00 to 7:00 pm on weekdays during the school year.  This was permitted because of the number of Kingfish swimmers and the inability to have morning practices during the academic year.  Starting June 19th, we’ll revert to the previous policy; Upon request of any Kentlands resident, lane 6 of the lap pool will be cleared of Kentlands Swim Team swimmers for the use of that resident or residents. The KCA will provide and prominently display a sign at the lap pool notifying residents of this policy.

Registration for the Kingfish will be Saturday, May 13th from 1-4 pm.

Investing our TIC funds

At our April meeting the Board also heard three intriguing proposals from the Kentlands Community Foundation on ways we might invest the surplus that has developed over the years in the Titleholders’ Initial Contribution funds. They are detailed in this article. Stay tuned as these ideas are fleshed out in the weeks and months to come.

Camp Out on the Quad

So, the lawn outside the clubhouse is not quite a college quad, but what could be more fun than a camp out. Come and join your neighbors for the first ever Kentlands overnight on the lawn.  Thank you to the Activities Committee for planning such a terrific event and who will provide the grills, the fire pits, and the food for dinner and breakfast.  You provide the tent and anything else you need to get through the night (no fireworks please!). This should be the start to a great new tradition in the Kentlands.

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