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Are you willing to serve?

The Kentlands needs volunteers like you.

Leonardo da Vinci warned against complacency in the Kentlands.

Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation … even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” —Leonardo da Vinci

This is YOUR chance to avoid inaction! Consider some volunteer effort to help keep Kentlands great … and maybe make it even better. We need help on the following committees:

  1. Election Committee (about three meetings to audit Kentlands’ election process)
  2. Capital Projects Working Group (plan Kentlands’ future)
  3. Environmental Management Committee (keep Kentlands beautiful)
  4. Neighborhood Watch (keep Kentlands safe)
  5. Communications Committee (keep Kentlands informed)

If you are willing to help out, please email to volunteer.

Have even more time and energy to offer? Please start thinking now about running for a spot on the Board of Trustees in the elections that are coming up in the fall. Is the work hard? Sometimes it can be. Is the responsibility heavy? Sometimes important, sometimes routine. Do things get frustrating at times? Sometimes frustrating but equally exciting.

And it’s worth it, worth it a hundred times over as you get to see the positive effect that you can have on our neighborhood. The elected volunteer leadership makes the decisions, sets the course, and determines the tone of our community. Being a part of that is truly rewarding, indeed.

And, of course, it will help your mind remain vigorous!

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