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Board tackles holiday decorations, Tennis walk-ons, grant request, Kent Oaks Mews

Another jam-packed BOT meeting agenda

From the Chairman Chris Campbell

As always, my column this month consists of a brief rundown on Board business taken up at the May meeting. These were our major action items.

Equity Resolution #3 Revisions – Holiday Decorations

Over the past several months, the KCA Board of Trustees has been working with the Board of Code Compliance regarding the wording of item #7 of Equity Resolution #3.  Specifically, both boards desire to clean up vague wording addressing holiday/seasonal decorations. The new wording will read “Holiday related lighting and decorating on frontages and secondary frontages shall be installed no more than 30 days prior to the holiday and shall be removed no later than 30 days after close of the holiday.”  The Board will vote on this revision at their July 26th Board of Trustees meeting. If you have comments on this proposed revision, you can submit them between now and July 26th to

Administrative Resolution #9 – Tennis/Pickleball Court 1 Usage 

The Board of Trustees will consider the change of Court #1 from a walk on court to one that can be reserved.  The Board will vote on this revision at their June 28th Board of Trustees meeting. Consequently, both Courts 1 & 2 (the two courts lined for Pickleball) would then be able to be reserved. If you have comments on this proposed revision, you can submit them between now and June 28th to

Felton Grant

Each year, the City of Gaithersburg offers grant money to communities to help improve their community.  It is a matching grant program of up to $5000.  The past two years, the KCA has received Felton Grant money to help pay for the movie and sound equipment, for trees planted at the retaining wall, and for the replacement fence on top of the retaining wall.

As usual, the KCA Board of Trustees is asking residents for any suggestions for grant submissions.  The KCA Board will evaluate those suggestions at the June 28th BOT meeting and then will submit the top choice(s) by the application deadline of July 15th. You can submit those suggestions to for consideration.

Kent Oaks Mews Working Group

Over a year ago, residents who live around Kent Oaks Mews brought concerns of safety issues regarding the mews being used by school children while walking to school.  Since the mews connects Kent Oaks Way to Lake Street, it is a frequent thoroughfare for both walkers and cars in the morning and the mews does not have a sidewalk.  In addition, for cars to pass each other on the mews, they often drive on the surrounding grass.

Consequently, KCA President Barney Gorin worked with the residents to form a working group to analyze potential fixes to the Mews.  Some of these suggestions have been vetted by the KHT and the EMC (like a mirror that will be placed on the Lake Street island for better sight lines for traffic entering the mews from Kent Oaks Way).

The working group has worked with DPZ and KHT to recommend a 2×4 concrete timber and removable pavers to create a walkway and a curb on the north side of the mews that could be removed from the mews when utilities might need to be accessed. In addition, boulders would be placed on the south side of the mews, preventing traffic from running onto the grass.  The Board of Trustees approved this plan and is submitting the plans to the City of Gaithersburg for approval.


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