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BOT considers $150K ‘One Main Street’ plan; opens tennis court #1 for reservations; spruces Rt-28 berm

Board seeks more info on proposal to turn Main Street into community's social, cultural hub

From the Chairman Chris Campbell

As is my custom, this column recaps what was an action-packed June board meeting. We apologize for the problems streaming the meeting live. You can watch the recorded video here.

KCF Requests $150K from TIC Fund for One Main Street Initiative

Earlier this year, the KCA Board of Trustees (BOT) asked the Kentlands Community Foundation (KCF) if they had any ideas for use of the Titleholders’ Initial Contributions (TIC) Fund which has reached a surplus in excess of $400,000.  At the April BOT meeting, the KCF presented three proposals and then returned at the June BOT meeting with a more extensive proposal for the Main Street Initiative.  In addition, the KCF shared that the idea of a Kentlands Cultural Arts Center would take several years to develop, but they will continue to examine that proposal in conjunction with the City of Gaithersburg.  

In summary, the KCF is requesting approximate $150K to fund the first year of “One Main Street” which will operate under the direction of the KCF until it can become an independent 501(c)3 with its own Director.  After that first year, the KCF proposes that One Main Street will become self-sufficient.

The vision of One Main Street is “to enable Main Street to be the social and cultural hub of our community, leading to enhanced quality of life for your residents and enable healthy property values; to become a tireless model of New Urbanism.”  The goal is that Main Street would become a social center of the community with the appropriate distribution of retail to be a vibrant business district. One Main Street would provide leasing assistance, marketing coordination, education sessions, social media assistance, and potentially property standard enforcement (akin to the work of the KCA’s Board of Code Compliance) to enhance the Main Street experience for businesses and customers as well as enhancing property value for unit owners.

The KCA Board of Trustees continues to like the idea of One Main Street but asked the steering committee and KCF for some supplemental information to be presented in the future.

Board Approves Administrative Resolution #9 (Tennis Court Reservations)

The Board of Trustees voted 4-0 to amend AR #9 which now allows for reservations on tennis court #1 (previously it was a walk-on only court).  Over the past month since the resolution was posted, five residents responded in favor of the changes and three responded in opposition.  

Board Approves Remediation Work for the Berm Along Route 28

The Board of Trustees voted 4-0 to approve $40,355 in landscaping work, plus $1200 in watering for the remainder of the year, for the berm that runs along Route 28.  The work will be completed during the fall of 2017 and will remove debris, trash and old irrigation lines, eliminate stumps, and prune deadwood from trees.  In addition, new plant material will be installed along the berm.

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