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GO GREEN and the City introduce community composting by Compost Crew

Turning garbage into gold ... well, fertilizer

The Kentlands Community Foundation’s (KCF) GO GREEN group and the City of Gaithersburg’s Environmental Affairs Committee are sponsoring a presentation by Compost Crew at the Kentlands Clubhouse from 7 to 8 PM on Thursday, July 20th.

Compost Crew, a Montgomery County business, transforms everything from alfalfa pellets and apple cores to wax paper and wool (the City already handles yard debris) into nutrient rich soil through a natural aerobic (with oxygen) decomposition process. The Compost Crew website asserts that almost 40% of our solid waste can be composted. This includes meat and dairy products, grains, oily foods, hair and soiled napkins.

Compost Crew has composting plans (there is a fee) for residential services as well as homeowner association based programs. Their presentation will include information on the ways a pilot compost program might begin in Kentlands or Lakelands.

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