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KCA Board examines draft budget, loan pay-off, community inspection in 2018 and pool schedule

The last time the KCA tried opening the pool for an extra weekend in September, it was among the coldest Septembers on record and the pool was barely used.

The August KCA Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting was another agenda with few topics but heavy on extended discussion about several issues. Here is the summary of recent board business.

BFAC presents draft budget to BOT

The Budget Finance Advisory Committee (BFAC), under direction of chair Ken Dretchen, did a phenomenal job on the first draft of the 2018 Kentlands Budget.  The BOT thanks all the BFAC members for their work on the budget!

What most people care to know about are the assessments.  We anticipate assessments for single family, townhomes & condominiums to remain the same in 2018.  For a more complete breakdown of the 2018 Budget, please check out the column by Treasurer David Hofmann.

KCA will pay off wall-remediation loans in 2018

When the KCA Board of Trustees and President were working to remediate damage to the Quince Orchard Road retaining wall, the KCA Board authorized taking two $150,000 loans from Monument Bank (now Revere Bank) in December 2015 and January 2016.  This $300,000 was used to accelerate the final wall remediation by a year and guarantee completion of repairs as expeditiously as possible.  The terms of both loans are five years at 5%.  In 2018, the KCA will pay almost $83,000 in principal and interest.

However, through the 2018 Budget, the KCA will be able to pay both loans in full, eliminating the community’s debt and closing the loans up to three years early.  The KCA Board will continue to discuss whether to borrow from our reserves and pay off the loans at the start of 2018 (saving interest expense), or later in 2018.  The current remaining principal as of July 2017 is $282,257.13.

Third-party inspections return in 2018

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since our last round of community wide inspections. In 2018, the KCA will again hire an outside agency to do a complete examination of the Kentlands.  If homes or condominiums are found in need of repair, our KCA staff and the Board of Code Compliance (BOCC) will contact those homeowners to figure out a path of restoration.

If you know your home needs some upkeep (siding needs to be cleaned, a rake board needs to be replaced, your fence needs repairs or painting, etc), please plan to complete the work this fall before the inspectors come through.  Please remember to submit a Visual Change Application to the Kentlands Historical Trust (KHT) if you plan to change the appearance of your exterior rather than simply repairing or maintaining existing fixtures or structures.

KCA to host City of Gaithersburg candidate forum

In years past, including 2015, the KCA has hosted a candidate forum for Kentlands residents to get to know the candidates for the City of Gaithersburg elections.  The KCA Board and President plan to host a similar town hall this fall on Wednesday, October 11th at 7:30 pm at the Kentlands Clubhouse.

Future pool schedule changes in 2019?

A resident came to the August board meeting with the following ideas.

1 – Move the dog swim on Labor Day back in the day.  Since this is the last day the pool is open (and now school hasn’t started yet!), would we want to move the dog swim start from 4 pm to possibly 5:30 or 6 pm.  This would allow a little longer pool use that day before turning it over to the canines.

2 – Open the pool for one more weekend in September.  Several years ago, the KCA kept the pool open until the 2nd weekend in September, providing one more fun pool weekend.  However, it happened to be one of the coldest September weekends on record!  So the pool was barely used.

The KCA Board is interested to know if you would want to use the pool for a second weekend in September.  This would add to our 2018 budget and also affect the dog swim (pushing it back a week).

Both of these suggested changes would not take place until 2019.  The Board wants to know what you think!  Please email with your input.

Town Architect update

The Kentlands Board, DPZ Partners, LLC, and the Kentlands President have all been meeting with mediator Clyde Horton throughout the past several months regarding the Town Architect position that was discussed several months ago.  The final meeting scheduled will be between DPZ and the Board in September.  As mentioned prior, at the September Board of Trustees meeting, the community will be provided with an update concerning the Town Architect contract (the 6 month probationary contract expires in October).

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