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KCA Board of Trustees charters Kentlands Downtown Working Group

The newly formed Kentlands Downtown Working Group will help keep the community informed about the various redevelopment efforts in and around the Kentlands.

In an attempt to keep the community apprised and engaged in the ongoing yet disparate projects to redevelop the Kentlands Downtown, the Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA) Board of Trustees (BOT) is forming a unique new working group made up of citizens, neighbors and other stakeholders in the Kentlands to help represent our interests.

The BOT voted 5-0 to charter the Kentlands Downtown Working Group (KDWG). The KDWG will be tasked with assisting the BOT and Kentlands citizenry in dealing issues surrounding the redevelopment of the Kentlands Downtown. The KDWG will look to keep abreast of the development efforts by S&T Kentlands (owners of the Diya Bistro property), Saul Centers, KIMCO, and to a minor extent, the Main Street live work units.  The charter specifies the following purpose of the KDWG:

Assist the local community boards and citizenry in developing official positions on the development including commentaries on its general intent and specific details in an effort to protect the value of the Kentlands property including preservation of New Urbanist principles. [See the full text of the Charter below.]

The Kentlands Board hopes to see the KDWG become a rare Kentlands Committee or Working Group that is composed of membership beyond Kentlands Citizens. The KCA Board has reached out to the Lakelands Community Association and Quince Orchard Park boards to invite members of those communities to join the KDWG. Though neither the KDWG nor the KCA has any authority or formal jurisdiction over commercial redevelopment in Kentlands Square or Market Square or the Diya property, the Board’s hope is that the collective weight of the communities and other stakeholders will be sufficient to have some influence in the process.

The KCA has already been contacted by several individuals who have expressed interest in joining the KDWG.  Barney Gorin, KCA President, will be looking to meet with these individuals and then will submit names for Board confirmation. The KCA hopes to have the KDWG up and running after the September board meeting.  If you are interested in joining the KDWG, please contact Barney Gorin at

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