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Congratulations to the spookiest houses in Kentlands!

In the Kentlands 3rd Annual Halloween House Decorating Contest, THE WINNERS ARE...

Congratulations to our Halloween Decoration Contest winners: the Ryder Family, the Sundell Family and the Morse Family (left to right).

If you are planning to come celebrate Halloween in the Kentlands tonight, check out this year’s house decoration award winners! This is the 3rd Annual Kentlands Halloween House Decorating Contest and there was one repeat winner from last year. This year’s winners are:

  • SCARIEST: The Ryder Family, 580 Chestertown Street
  • MOST CREATIVE: The Sundell Family, 535 Chestertown Street
  • BEST OVERALL: The Morse Family, 152 Treehaven Street
  • BEST BLOCK: 500 Chestertown Street

Honorable Mention:

  • 357 Chestertown Street
  • 145 Kent Oaks Way
  • 231 Kent Oaks Way
  • 306 Kent Oaks Way
  • 509 Kent Oaks Way
  • 237 Little Quarry Road
  • 104 Thurgood Street

A special thank you to this year’s judges: the Emerson family and the Ingrassia family. The KCA would like to thank all this year’s participants for the time and energy they put into making Halloween in the Kentlands so much fun! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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