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In my final Chairman’s Report I look forward to new leadership

On November 1, 2013, I was elected by you, the citizens of Kentlands, to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA).  After one year as a Trustee, I was elected in November 2014 by the other Trustees to serve as Chair and it has been my pleasure to serve in that position for three years.  However, come November 2017, the KCA will be led by at least two new Trustees and will have a new chair, as I am not seeking a third term.  In addition, Ty Hardaway is also stepping away after serving on the Board for most of the past three years.

Both Ty and I look forward to the future leadership of the Kentlands. Four candidates (including incumbent Gregory Cohen) are running for three open board positions and for the first time since 2013 we will have a contested election.  You can read the candidates statements in this version of the Town Crier.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS!  Please make sure to vote in advance or in person on Friday, November 3rd.

The past four years have been rather interesting.  From my position as a Trustee, I have seen part of our retaining wall fall down, I have watched healthy and sometimes contentious discussions about the use of our pool’s lap lanes and the tennis courts (to this date, the most attended board meeting was the one where we discussed lap lanes and the swim team!) as well as the future of our Town Crier.  We have also examined swatches for new clubhouse and pool furniture, floor samples for new flooring in the entryway, and winterized the clubhouse deck (great call Beth!). We purchased our own projector and GIANT screen allowing for more outdoor movies and many movies by the poolside.  I joined the board in the middle of celebrating our first 25 years that has seen several new Kentlands traditions including Kentlands Under the Lights.

As a board, we have updated a number of Administrative Resolutions (trash, parking, holiday decorations, facility use, tennis court usage, due process), examined how our procurement process is completed, attempted to streamline the processes with the KHT and BOCC (still being worked on!), worked to do a better job with our community inspections (coming this winter of 2018) and dealt with the potential revitalization of our Main Street and Downtown.

When I campaigned four years ago, I wanted to help be a voice for the condominium complexes whose residents often feel short changed.  We have since held two “condominium board summits.”  The KHT worked to add a vinyl window to the suitable materials list for condominiums and we have worked to try to hear concerns from the condo boards.

As I wrote in a previous column, I have been blessed to meet a number of terrific people through these four years.  As most of you know, we have a one-of-a-kind community filled with amazing residents.  That does not mean that all of us will be life-long best friends. However, I believe that the Kentlands is still a great place to live and a great place to serve.

Thank you to the amazing staff I have worked with the past few years. If you do not already know, I can personally attest that we have the best general manager a community could have. Please thank Beth and her team when you see them next.  Please remember that they are tasked with caring for this community and take the responsibility very seriously.

Please also thank all of those who serve you in leadership positions.  You may not always agree with them, but I encourage you to thank them for their service.

To Jarrod Borkat, Greg Cohen, Rob Garretson, Judy Gross, Ty Hardaway, Neil Harris, David Hoffman, Steve Longley, Glen Palman, and Robert Randolph – it was a great pleasure to serve with you all in our efforts to guide and lead this great community.  Thank you Tim Clarke and Barney Gorin for your work as KCA Presidents during my time on the board. The Kentlands works best where there is a strong partnership among the leadership. Nothing exemplified that better than when we rebuilt an entire retaining wall along Quince Orchard Road.

Finally, thank you to the many citizens out there who let me serve in this position.  I encourage you to consider serving our great community, as I have said it the past, while Kentlands wins awards for it’s design, it is the people who make Kentlands great.

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