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Citizens elect two new Trustees, re-elect Vice-Chair to KCA Board

Yamil Hernandez (left) and Karen Norris (center) were elected to the KCA Board for the first time. Greg Cohen (right), current Vice-Chair was re-elected to a new two-year term.

In the first contested election since 2013, 348 Kentlands citizens elected two new Trustees and re-elected a third to serve on the Kentlands Citizens Assembly Board of Trustees.

Yamil Hernandez and Karen Norris, were elected to each serve a two-year term on the Board. Greg Cohen, who has been serving on the Board since October of 2016 and is currently the Vice-Chair, was re-elected to serve another two-years. The Board will choose its new positions for the upcoming year — Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Recording Secretary — before its next full meeting in December.

Yamil served on the Kentlands Budget and Finance Committee this year and Karen has been a contributor to the Town Crier as well as having served on various committees. Greg had served as the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee in 2016, before being appointed to fill Robert Randolph’s position when he resigned due to heath reasons in the fall of 2016.

The two new Board members and Greg will join Dave Hofmann and Steve Longley, whose current two-year terms run through the fall of 2018. All bring a mix of talent and experience that should serve the Kentlands community well. In addition to routine community matters, the Board will be closely monitoring changes to the Kentlands commercial districts, and new residential development in the Kentlands as well as the revitalization of Main Street. Among other KCA committees and working groups, the newly constituted Board will oversee, along with President Barney Gorin, the newly created Kentlands Downtown Work Group, tasked with assisting the Board of Trustees and the Kentlands citizenry in dealing issues surrounding the redevelopment of the Kentlands Downtown.

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