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Greetings and gratitude from your new Treasurer

After our 10-year journey to join the Kentlands...

I would hazard a guess that anyone who is a part of this wonderful community has an interesting backstory on how you ended up living here. I thought appropriate for my first column as your Treasurer to share mine. In future columns, I will delve into the numbers, trends, and related areas of our finances in greater detail.

My wife and I had long been interested in moving here (we looked for almost 10 years). We must have visited dozens of houses over the years — hundreds if you count all the time I spent on Zillow, Redfin, etc. doing virtual visits. We placed so many contracts to purchase where we were outbid, or other interesting things happened that caused us not to be able to consummate a transaction. In fact, at one point, my wife seemed to give up hope and refused to attend any more open houses with me.  As you will see, I don’t give up easily. Undeterred, I convinced my mother-in-law to come with me since: a) we both enjoy attending open houses, and b) she had my wife’s proxy and trusted her judgment on the houses.

Long story short, my mother-in-law and I went to so many open houses together that it led to some hilarious misunderstandings with realtors as to the nature of our relationship! Luckily, after 10+ years of looking, we were finally able to find a place to call home in the Kentlands. Today, a little more than a year since we moved in, we are settled and thoroughly enjoying the community.  You can find us walking our new addition to the family (Albie) on most days.

Thank you for your vote during the recent Board of Trustees (“BOT”) election. I want you to know that we take very seriously the trust and responsibility you have placed in all of us to faithfully execute our responsibilities on the BOT. I look forward to working to help this already great community continue to thrive.

As your new Treasurer, I am transitioning to a KCA who’s finances are in great shape thanks to the hard work of the previous board, our President, the Budget and Finance Advisory Committee (BFAC), and the dutiful stewardship of my predecessors, including Robert Randolph and current Vice Chair (Dave Hoffman). Thanks to this team effort, assessments are stable/flat, debt that was incurred for the wall re-build will be paid off completely in early 2018, and our financial position is ready to restore our reserve needs that will be calculated in 2018 (more on this later). Although we have challenges to overcome, you should know that the KCA is on sound financial footing.

I want to echo our Chair’s call for feedback, input, and comments (good/bad). Please feel free to reach out to Greg Cohen directly at or the entire Board at We will read every email. I am curious to hear from residents regarding the amenities/services you think we currently lack in the community and should consider adding, as well as which ones we do have currently that we might consider curtailing. In addition, I greatly encourage your participation and presence at our monthly meetings. The more engaged everyone is, the more the community thrives.

That’s it for now, more to come.


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