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New Board starts fast; seeks committee input, renews communications charter

Initiative to address dog waste problem also in the works

The new KCA Board of Trustees kicked off its term with a busy first meeting in December. While I’ve highlighted a few of the key topics below, please know that all residents are welcome to attend the KCA meetings and learn about the full breadth of what is discussed.

Committee Networking Event

The Board hosted a dinner for the chairs of the various committees and groups that work for or closely with the Board. This was a great opportunity for the Board to not only learn what the committee priorities are, but also to learn how the Board can best support the work of the committees. In addition, many of the committee chairs welcomed the opportunity to meet and network with the chairs of the other committees. This was a great event and one that we plan to do again on a smaller scale.

Similarly, the Board plans to host the leaders of the condo associations located within the Kentlands in the near future. We know the condos have some unique needs and the Board is interested in learning how we can help them.

Communications Committee

Recognizing new channels via which information can be shared with and by residents, KCA Trustee Steve Longley drafted a charter for the Communications Committee (previously the E-Communications Committee). The charter provides detail on the committee’s scope with the overarching goal “to ensure full and adequate information, promotion and dialogue within the Kentlands community in matters that benefit the community and its residents.” The Committee will provide support and develop strategies for KCA’s social media, print media, website, signage and bulletin boards and assist with the promotion of meetings, events and programs. If you are interested in volunteering for this Committee, please contact President Barney Gorin (

Dog Poop

As Barney Gorin notes in his recent column and as many residents have commented on Nextdoor, there is an ongoing problem with some dog walkers not picking up after their dogs. Some take the time to pick up the poop but then rudely leave the bags on their neighbors’ properties. This is not only a nuisance, it’s also illegal. While there’s nothing the KCA can do to enforce the law, we can try to make it as easy as possible for dog walkers to pick up and throw away what their dogs leave behind. Board Treasurer Yamil Hernandez and President Barney Gorin are leading an effort to identify locations in the community where additional dog waste stations, which include a trash can and bags, can be placed. Yamil is also developing an online map that identifies where the existing dog waste stations are located.

For more information on any of these topics, please feel free to contact me at

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