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Your new BOT Chair seeks your input, more volunteers

Communication is a 2018 priority; Communications Committee, KHT, BFAC all need volunteers

I’m honored to be writing my first Chairman’s Report for the Kentlands Town Crier. When our community manager Beth Brittingham suggested to me several years ago that I volunteer on the Budget and Finance Advisory Committee (BFAC), I never thought it would lead to a position on the Kentlands Board of Trustees. In fact, when Beth first suggested the opportunity to volunteer, I hesitated—with a small child at home and work obligations, I didn’t think I had the time to devote to the position. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give it a try, at least for a year.

Working with the other talented volunteers on that committee and meeting new neighbors, I realized how much I enjoyed contributing to our neighborhood. It was that position that led to my decision to run for the KCA Board, on which I now serve with Dave Hofmann (vice chair) and Steve Longley (trustee), both incumbent Board members, and new Board members Yamil Hernandez (treasurer) and Karen Norris (secretary). I’ve also been fortunate to serve with and learn from Barney Gorin (president), and former Board members Ty Hardaway, Robert Randolph, and Chris Campbell, whose shoes I now fill.

Serving in a community volunteer position is a great opportunity to learn and make new friends. In my previous position as vice chair, I worked closely with the Kentlands Historical Trust (KHT) and the Board of Code Compliance (BOCC). The members of these committees work hard, and with expert advice from the staff of DPZ, our town architect, help to ensure Kentlands continues to be a special community. The work that committee members and volunteers do is critical and makes a positive difference in our community. On behalf of the Board, I thank them for it.

Although this Board hasn’t yet had our first open meeting (mark your calendars for December 11 at 7:30 pm in the Clubhouse), we’re off to a great start. After some initial discussion, we decided one of our priorities will be to improve communication between the Board and the members of our community. We are reactivating the Communications Committee, which will examine how we can effectively use our existing website and print publication, as well as our email lists and social media for both outreach and to gather feedback. If you’ve ever thought about contributing to the community, or know someone who has, this committee is a great volunteer opportunity. And it’s not the only one; we also need volunteers on other committees, including the BFAC and the KHT. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Beth Brittingham at or Barney Gorin at to learn more about available positions.

As the new Board sets out to do our work, we look forward to hearing from you because we are here to serve this community. Please reach out to me directly at or the entire Board at with your thoughts and ideas.

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