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January Board Meeting Review

Although the KCA Board meetings are recorded and available for viewing on, highlights from the last meeting are below.

Electronic Access Control Systems

As President Barney Gorin discusses in another article, the KCA Board has approved the Capital Project Working Group’s (CPWG) recommendation for a new electronic access control system for the KCA amenities (clubhouse, tennis courts, basketball courts, fitness center, etc.). This new system offers several important improvements over the existing manual key system, including added convenience for citizens and potential cost savings, and will be one of the most significant and noticeable infrastructure updates that have been made in recent years. We hope to have the new system in place by Memorial Day weekend when the pool opens but will require that new photos be taken of access cardholders. Please be on the lookout for additional information as the new system is being implemented.

Dog Poop Update

The KCA Board continues to work toward potential solutions to the dog poop problem with a two-pronged approach. We have identified several locations that could be ideal for additional dog waste stations and will now be submitting Visual Change Applications to the Kentlands Historical Trust for their review and approval (just as any homeowner would). After obtaining KHT’s approval, prioritizing stations and ensuring the options meet the requirements of the community, the KCA will seek citizen feedback to determine which of the stations would be most beneficial. While adding more waste stations will reduce the hurdles for people to dispose of dog waste, it won’t completely solve the problem since some people may not have the decency to clean up no matter how easy we make it for them to do so.

In addition to the waste stations, Karen Norris will be reaching out to the Lakelands and the City/County to determine whether there is any interest in developing a public dog park between Lakelands Park and the county office building at the former site of the National Geographic Society.

Communications Committee

Steve Longley and Barney Gorin are still recruiting volunteers for the new Communications Committee. This important committee will be responsible for managing the KCA’s print and electronic communications, including those on social media. KCA volunteers often find the experience to be very rewarding and the time commitment does not have to be significant. If you are interested, please contact Steve Longley at

Financial Update

Yamil Hernandez provides a more detailed financial update in his Treasurer’s column but it’s worth noting that the debt incurred to pay for the repairs to the retaining wall has now been completely paid off.


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