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Ease your mind: Eat your vegetables

“Eat your vegetables” is not just what you say to youngsters. Studies have shown that the greener your plate the more agile is your mind. While fruit is not associated with cognition, total vegetable intake is associated with less mental decline.

960 participants at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, aged an average of 81, were followed for 4.7 years. None had any sign of existing dementia. They were asked how much spinach, collards/kale/greens and lettuce they had eaten. The top group ate an average of 1.3 portions per day and the lowest group 0.1 per day.

While over the years there was an expected mental decline, there was a large difference in the diet groups. Those who ate 1-2 portions of greens a day had a brain that performed more than a decade better than those who only ate 0.1 portions.

Adding just a daily serving of leafy, green vegetables can be a simple way to help prevent dementia. Of course, it is only one of the many factors which can contribute to a mental decline. But this is a relatively easy way to protect your brain. Next time at the grocery store follow the advice of all our mothers: stock up on veggies!

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