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Finances and Dog Stations

If you haven’t had a chance to read the Chair’s January update yet,  I suggest you go there and read a great re-cap of our first 2018 BoT meeting.  Lots of interesting things are in the hopper for 2018!  In this column, I will be going into the following topics: Finances and Dog Stations.

1. Finances

As anticipated in previous columns, and as Greg mentioned, the KCA is finally and officially 100% debt free.  This is a great milestone.  Now that the debts have been paid, we are going through a reserve study process that will assess the current status of our facilities, grounds, equipment and related items.  This is a very detailed and necessary project.  It helps ensure that we take into account the costs to maintain the quality of our great community.  More on this project, and its impact to our finances soon.

The KCA’s delinquency rate (i.e. the percentage of residents who don’t pay their HOA fees on time) is one of the lowest in the region (less than 3.0%).  Your timely payments help ensure our community has the funds necessary to plow the snow, pick up the trash, maintain grounds and deliver on the amenities.

As noted in the January 2018 management report, the KCA’s Year End 2017 unaudited numbers are: (Please note you can find KCA financials, budgets and BOT meeting minutes on drop downs under the Document Library tab on the KCA website, after you have registered and logged in).

Description Amount / Balance
Total Cash & Investments $   1,936,813
Year to Date Income $ 2,490,083
Year to Date (Expenses) ($2,505,569)
Net Income – Year to Date $     (15,485)*


*The $15,485 represents a ~0.62% overage in the planned 2017 budget.  The funds to cover this overage comes  from the KCA’s prior year equity.

2. Dog Stations – Dog Poop

While researching this topic and preparing this section, I did a few internet searches in and the KCA website to see what kind of message traffic Dog Poop has generated.   Would it surprise you to know that there are over 50 discrete postings on Next Door? (It surprised me.)  Further, there are hundreds of aggregated comments and replies. There have also been articles on the Crier, with Barney penning the most recent one.  We have also received direct feedback from members of the community.  A lot of the commentary is heated, passionate and expresses frustration about the never ending nature of this issue.  While there are no silver bullets, we are trying do something.  In addition to increasing awareness through various communications, we are evaluating our current waste station distribution and if there are ways to further optimize the dispersion of the locations.  This is not a trivial task since there are many parts of the Kentlands that are not owned by the KCA.  For example, we share land with the Board of Education, City of Gaithersburg, private businesses and religious organizations.  There may be areas that are suitable for a waste receptacle but will need the approval of these organization.  We are in the process of communicating with them to understand their willingness.

The current status of this project includes preparing a Visual Change Application that will be circulated to the KHT.  Selection of sites for review, securing applicable permissions (as needed), community feedback and implementation are the general next steps.  We will keep you updated as we progress through the process.

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