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Talking turf in the Kentlands

As it will soon be spring and landscaping on the property will once again be in full swing, I wanted to take this opportunity to give new residents some information about the Kentlands protocol for turf management.

We employ a combination of organic protocol and traditional protocol on different parts of the property. This came about several years ago due to a group of interested citizens who were asking that organic products be used in areas where children play and residents gather such as the Clubhouse lawn, pocket parks and tree saves. In those areas, organic means are employed to fertilize the turf and control weeds.

The applicators do not use the same equipment for both products to avoid any cross contamination and both products will not be applied on the same day to avoid any mix up in the application areas. We will announce the schedule for the applications in the spring and fall in the Kentlands Town Crier newspaper, on the website and through an e-mail blasts depending on the amount of notification and timing of the applications.

On other areas of the property such as medians, curb strips and entrances to the community a traditional approach is utilized. These are low traffic, high visibility areas that benefit from a more robust product to control weeds, dandelions, clover, etc.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture requires that all areas receiving pesticide applications, including organic, have a notice posted and the law is specific as to what information the notice must contain. Hence, all of the signs posted will look the same on one side; the difference is that the product information on the back of the sign will be different for organic vs. traditional. To make it easier for Kentlands residents to determine that quickly, we’ve asked the landscaping company to include a green dot on the back of the sign to denote the organic protocol.

All areas are mowed on a weekly basis and all grass, regardless of the type of treatment it receives, is mowed to a height of 4”, the recommended length for healthy turf and maximum weed control. All schedules are weather permitting.

I for one, am ready for spring!

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