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Electronic facilities passes are coming to the Kentlands!

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I am very excited to say we are days away from starting the process of providing Kentlands residents with new permanent electronic facilities passes. Some of the details of the new electronic system that residents will want to know are how the access process will work and the timeline when residents might expect it to happen.

The first order of business is to get all residents who are eligible to use the facilities a new facilities pass. The protocol for those that are eligible to use the facilities is as follows:

  • A Kentlands Titleholder and immediate family members who reside in the unit (ten years and older);
  • A tenant leasing a unit in the community who can provide a valid lease;
  • An adult 25 years of age and older residing at a Kentlands address with a valid Maryland Driver’s License or a non-driver ID card issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration with the Kentlands address.

Ten and eleven year olds will receive a card that will allow them to use the tennis courts and basketball court but unless they have passed a swim test they are not allowed to use the pool unaccompanied by an adult until they are twelve.

There are temporary and seasonal passes available for those who do not meet these requirements. Please inquire at the Clubhouse. Please note that if you are a lessee, your facilities card will expire on the last day of your lease. It is your responsibility to provide the Clubhouse with a new lease before that date. Facility cards will not be renewed on weekends or holidays.

Once a required form is filled out and photos taken, we expect your facilities pass to be available for pickup in two business days. There is no charge for each resident’s initial electronic pass, however, replacement of damaged or lost passes  will be $25.00 each, by cash or check. Replacement of damaged or lost KCA ID Cards will be $5.00 each, by cash or check. For that reason, only adults can sign for and pick up facilities passes, ID Cards and guest passes, which will still be a paper pass.

The Clubhouse will be staffed during the times the pool is open. Initially the new pass will be used to verify residency and greatly shorten the “sign in” process.

By Memorial Day we anticipate the tennis courts and the basketball court, as well as the gate on Chestertown Street, to be accessible with the new facilities passes because keys will no longer operate these gates. The facilities passes will be programmed to operate the locks during the designated hours of use per Resolution #9, Tennis and Pickleball Court Rules, thus allowing for better control of who is using the courts and when. Court reservations will still be needed for tennis and you will use your new pass in place of your key to gain entry.

The last part of the process will come later this summer or fall, when the Clubhouse lobby will undergo renovation to allow for the fitness room to be used during hours that are not currently available. The Board will set the times of access as we work out the details and get closer to that date.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we start the process of providing the new facilities passes to residents. Your 2017 laminated pass will continue to admit you to the facilities through Memorial Day weekend. It is our goal for everyone who uses the facilities to have their new permanent electronic facilities pass by then. Please watch for e-mails and check the KCA website,, for the announcement that we are ready to begin the process of issuing the new Kentlands facilities passes.

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