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The daffeys are coming! The daffeys are coming!

With the (hopefully) last snow of winter – well, it actually happened the first full day of spring – now behind us, we can look forward to the beauty in our community that arrives with the springtime. Spring is the season of Persephone’s return from the underworld, of new life, of renewal, of buds bursting on the trees and those first adventurous flowers making their bid for a bit of sun.

The daffodils, which bloom all over Kentlands, are a wonderful part of that. Their optimistic shoots seem willing to push through the last of the winter’s snow to enjoy the sun’s rays. There is something happy about their delicate flowers as they risk facing winter’s final fury just to get an early start on their blooms. All that’s needed to emphasize the renewal of life that children bring to this first blush of spring is an unpretentious Easter Egg hiding amongst the leaves and branches.

The daffodils are not alone for long. They will be followed almost immediately by the more cautious tulips, hardy souls they seem to be with their more robust appearing petals, but it is their bright and variegated colors that quickly catch the eye.

Then there are the trees! It seems that flowering trees abound in Kentlands. They hide in our pocket parks. They surround the Clubhouse Green. They bring colorful beauty to our yards and sometimes to our mews. The budging buds where soon leaves will be are a promise of a verdant summer filled with green and its own varieties of flowers and all our friends and neighbors enjoying Kentlands’ outdoor amenities such as the pool and tot lots.

Those of us who walk our mews and streets owe a hearty “thank you” to those among us who make their yards beautiful for the rest of us to enjoy and to the Environmental Management Committee for doing the same for our common areas: our pocket parks; the entrances to Kentlands; and our mews. And thank you, too, to Tom Marchessault for most of the pictures in this brief article.

Springtime brings with it another kind of renewal as well: tidying things up! The Kentlands Citizens Assembly landscaping contractor, Community Landscape Services, is already preparing to add mulch around Kentlands’ trees and some of our neighbors are already embarking on the annual yard cleanup with lots of flower bed and garden detritus finding its way to the seemingly ubiquitous yard waste bags. In another type of cleanup, the Kentlands Community Foundation‘s Go Green group is doing its neighborhood cleanup part as well: they are organizing a Kentlands Cleanup for April 14th from 9 AM to noon. Just stop by the Clubhouse to register and receive your trash collection gear!

Spring is in the air! The daffeys are coming! The daffeys are coming!

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