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Kentlands Community Foundation

The Kentlands Community Foundation (KCF) is a community-based, not-for-profit organization rooted in Kentlands. The Foundation’s mission has three prongs:

  • to serve as an educational resource on the landmark new-urbanist community that is Kentlands,
  • to build community by supporting local arts and cultural programs, and
  • to provide opportunities for volunteerism and community outreach.

The Foundation believes that the neighborhood is the heart of community life. Its goal is to help connect individuals and families in ways that enhance everyday life and encourage civic involvement. The KCF operates out of the Kentlands Carriage House and sponsors lectures, a concert series, social programs, charitable campaigns, house tours, and an annual 5K run fundraiser that is accompanied by a Market Street festival. All programs are open to the public, and volunteers are always welcome.

The KCF was the brainchild of Kentlands Founder Joseph Alfandre and was established in 1993, as a tax-exempt non-profit organization with an independent board of directors and the Assembly provided the foundation with nearly $120,000 (over several years) in initial funding from the TIC Fund. For more background, see The History of Kentlands.

And for current information on the KCF and its programs, visit the Kentlands Community Foundation website.


KCF New Urbanist Lecture Series

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