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The Kentlands Kingfish swim team maintains a dedicated website found here.

The only requirement to join the swim team is that kids must live in Kentlands and have access to the community pool with a current pool/facility pass. Please check with the clubhouse office for further information on the facility passes.

Definition of Pre-team and Team:

* Pre-team members must be comfortable being in the water, away from parents.   Pre-Team members must be able to participate in swim practice  and swim approximately 3/4 length of the pool  without a kickboard.

The goal of the pre-team program is to prepare young swimmers to participate in a swim meet once they have acquired the necessary skills. Swimmers will be taught two of the four basic competitive strokes- freestyle and backstroke. They will also be taught how to dive into the pool.

* Swim Team:  Regular swim team members must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 meters) without any assistance and be deep water safe. Swimmers will receive instruction in all four strokes – freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breast.  Coaches will instruct swimmers on flip turns, diving and racing starts in preparation for swim meets.

All swimmers must be comfortable going into deeper water. Swim team members must be no older than 18 years old on June 1st.

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