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October BOCC Focus: Being Neighborly

The location and proximity of homes within the Kentlands allow for a large number of neighbor to neighbor or owner to owner interactions. Aside from the annual community events which bring the Kentlands together, you may see groups of owners either walking their dogs, having lunch on the clubhouse lawn, playing pickleball, or letting their kids run around the community tot lots. A short drive through the Kentlands will showcase one of the best reasons why owners like living here, it is a community. Friendliness, small gestures, and a little consideration can go a long way in a community like the Kentlands.

Did you know that September 28th is national good neighbor day? Back in 1978, President Jimmy Carter established the day to acknowledge and celebrate what it means to be a good neighbor. In honor of national good neighbor day, here are some great tips from on how to be a good neighbor beyond just a smile and a wave.

• Welcome any new neighbors with a personal note or pop by for a personal introduction.
• Make sure that the outside of your home—along with the grounds—is well-kept and complies with our association’s CC&Rs.
• Be mindful of noise—loud music, barking dogs, power tools—that may disrupt the neighborhood beyond a reasonable hour.
• If you have a large party, consider your neighbors when directing your guests where to park, end the party at a reasonable hour and invite your neighbors to join in  the fun.
• Return anything you borrow from your neighbor promptly, in the same condition they lent it to you, and express your thanks.
• Replace anything of your neighbor’s that you, your children or your pets break or soil.
• Respect your neighbor’s privacy.
• Offer to take care of mail pick-up, plants or pets while your neighbor is on vacation.
• Be social! Inviting a neighbor over for coffee and conversation can promote open communication and a friendly neighborhood environment from which all neighbors can  benefit.

Happy National Good Neighbor Day!

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