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You can’t follow the redevelopment game without a scorecard!

Well, maybe not a scorecard, more like a map ...

We live in interesting times.

There are four projects being planned for the Kentlands Downtown and Kentlands Square area. Each will have significant a significant effect on our quality of life. Each one’s current status is described in some detail in Chris Campbell’s Crier article.

Those who are actively involved in planning or trying to affect the direction these projects can speak of each project with the ease that comes from long familiarity. To to others, the names, locations, and purposes can be a bit … well … confusing. This post is for those who would appreciate a simple map of “which is which and what is what.” In summary:

  1. Transitway – The planned Bus-Rapid-Transit (BRT) system includes an elevated station at Kentlands. This will be where the entrance from/ exit to Great Seneca Highway is next to Lowes and to the West of it. Main Street extended will go under the station.
  2. Saul – Saul Centers owns all of Kentlands Square from the Giant to Bonefish Grill. Phase I of its planned redevelopment is a multi-story mixed-use infill that will cover a large section of parking lot and the Kmart location. They intend this to be Kentlands’ “front door” facing the BRT station.
  3. Diya, aka, Kentlands Apartments – This is a proposed 295 unit apartment complex with a multi-story parking structure at the current location of the Diya restaurant. The parking faces the Saul property at last report.
  4. Kimco – This is the old Beatty property behind Main Street and includes everything from Whole Foods to Buca di Beppo, purchased by Kimco Realty last August. Work will begin with a general sprucing up but extensive changes are likely sooner or later.

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