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After the storm

... things can still be dangerous

We were very fortunate that the storms that passed through Montgomery County on Saturday, July 22nd did relatively little damage in Kentlands: a few shingles here; a few branches there; and at least two trees destroyed. One of those trees belonged to the Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA), the other, this one, to the City of Gaithersburg. Nobody got hurt and no homes were destroyed as some were on Kent Island.

Our good fortune should not be equated to a lack of danger, however. Trees such as this one remain dangerous until they have been cut down because the large piece of trunk that has broken can fall further. Importantly, it can do so without warning. Seriously damaged trees, especially those with limbs or major parts “hanging,” deserve our full respect even if they look “ok for now” as this one does. If you see one, please:

  1. Do not get too close and, especially, do not walk or stand under it.
  2. Call or email folks who can deal with the issue such as the KCA leadership or the professional staff at the Clubhouse (301.948.2071).

There are other potential “post storm” dangers as well. While we don’t have any power lines to be damaged here in Kentlands, we do have at least one small stream that deserves respect when it is flowing at its maximum as a person, and especially a child, could be overwhelmed. We also have lakes that can easily cover the pathways near them and drainage systems that can be overwhelmed and cause some flooding. Please stay clear of rushing water and flooded areas and let us know if something is “not working right.”

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