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KCA Board Approves Funding for KCF One Main Street Initiative

At the September Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA) Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting, the Board approved funding for the One Main Street Initiative proposed by the Kentlands Community Foundation (KCF).

A number of months ago, the KCA Board approached the KCF about developing a proposal to use some of the Titleholders’ Initial Contribution (TIC) Fund, the balance of which is approaching $470,000.  In June, the KCF approached the BOT with an $150,000 appeal for the One Main Street Initiative.  The Board did not approve the proposal at that time, asking the Foundation to work on several items in the proposal.

The KCF came back to the KCA Board in September with an updated proposal for the One Main Street Initiative.  At that time, the KCA Board approved allocation of $103,500 from the TIC fund to be used to support Phase 1 of this initiative.   The $103,500 will provide funding for the following:

  • $7,000-$10,000 to hire Rich Bradley as a consultant strategic advisor
  • $19,500 to hire a firm who’s focus is on Community Engagement and Placemaking
  • $35,000-$50,000 to hire a firm to provide Strategic Retail Planning
  • $18,000-$24,000 to hire a project managers for 15-20 hours per week.

During this first phase of the Main Street Initiative, the KCF has several expected outcomes:

  1. A vision for an emerging Downtown Kentlands
  2. To have a clear understanding of the Downtown Kentlands marketplace and how it fits into the larger region: to further define Main Street’s role within Downtown Kentlands
  3. To define a brand which is tied to the values of the community and its role within the region
  4. To develop a strategic plan for the Kentlands Downtown
  5. To have a clearly defined working and financial partnership with Kimco and potentially Saul Centers
  6. To understand the required next steps to move Main Street to better health.

If everything goes well with Phase 1 of this proposal, then Phase 2 will involve establishment of a Main Street management structure to provide services to the businesses.  The goal of Phase 2 is to eventually develop the One Main Street Initiative as an independent, self-sufficient 501(c)3.

The KCA Board looks forward to the work that will be completed by the One Main Street Initiative and the KCF in their efforts to help revitalize the Kentlands Downtown.

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