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Paving is coming!

"Street Repair in Vancouver, Canada."

The much-awaited mews rehabilitation, ongoing work that was suspended because of financial constraints when the Quince Orchard retaining wall fell in 2014, is finally back on track for this spring. Those of you who were residents during that time may remember, approximately one half of the mews, which are owned by the KCA, were paved in 2014 before the wall failed. With the wall repair completed and the loans taken out to accelerate the repair repaid, we are now back on track to complete the mews paving work.

Please see the paving map for the mews that we plan to refurbish this year. The effort will be broken into two phases, red shows Phase I and blue Phase II. Purple is curb replacement in Beckwith mews.

Phase I is slated to begin April 9th, weather permitting, and finish around the end of the month. The contractor, Atlantic Maintenance Group (AMG), has planned a three-week window between phases for delays due to weather, private paving, drainage box repairs and curb installation. Phase II is slated to begin the third week in May and continue until the end of June.

Residents will be updated in the April, May and June editions of the Kentlands Town Crier, on the KCA website ( and through e-mail blasts so if we don’t have your e-mail address, now is the time to sign up. Just send an email to and put your address in the subject line.

AMG will also put signage at the entrances to the mews and leave fliers at affected homes three days before working in any specific mews. We ask that you watch for that signage, check the website and open KCA e-mails to keep abreast of the schedule as we know the unpredictability of the weather will require schedule changes.

We know that residents will be inconvenienced when their mews are being paved. You will not have access to your garage for three or four days and have to find on-street parking. AMG will remove the signs when you can drive on the surface and the KCA will send e-mail blasts and update the website to show the “open for business” status.

If you have exterior projects planned this spring and your mews is one included in the paving project, it will be important that you consult the map for the projected dates of paving and pay attention to the updates that are sent out as contractors will not have access to the mews during this time either.

Trash and recycling trucks will not have access to the mews during the work. We will keep the City and our trash contractor, Trash Away, updated with the schedule of which mews are closed on any given pickup day. If your mews is closed, please place your trash and recyclable containers on the street.

Homeowners who have extended driveways or parking pads and would like those areas reconditioned can contract with AMG to have the work done. Just contact AMG’s Rich Chilcoat at 410-768-4720 or via e-mail at before March 31st for a quote. Remember this is a separate contract between you and AMG: any issues with work done on private property are between the homeowner and the contractor.

Please help us make this rehabilitation process as smooth as possible by removing any movable play equipment (such as a basketball backstop) or other materials (pots, or bags of mulch, for example) from your garage apron by March 31st to be ready for the work to start. Read the Kentlands Town Crier, the KCA website, the Kentlands Express and email blasts so that we can keep you updated as we move closer to the April 9th start date.

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