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Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA)

The Kentlands Citizens Assembly, Inc., (KCA) is the homeowners association for Kentlands and the primary governing body responsible for carrying out the provisions of the Community Charter. The Assembly is comprised of all Titleholders and Citizens of Kentlands. The primary purpose of the KCA is to maintain and operate certain common properties — like the Clubhouse, pools, tennis courts and our alleyways and mews — and to carry out the responsibilities established for the Assembly in set forth in the Community Charter, the Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation, and Declarations of Annexation (collectively known as the Founding Documents).

The affairs of the KCA are governed by an elected Board of Trustees and President as well as an appointed Board of Code Compliance. Five trustees serve staggered two year terms and set policies for the Kentlands.  The Board functions as a legislative branch that adopts an annual budget, levies and collects assessments, appropriates funds, and takes other actions as permitted by governing documents. The President serves as a one-person executive branch. Elected for a two-year term, the President  oversees the KCA's management staff, implements Board initiatives, and administers the management and operation of the KCA on a day-to-day basis.

Much of the KCA's work is done by a dedicated group of volunteers who serve on its various Committees.

How do Citizens communicate with the Board of Trustees?

Attend a Meeting

The Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM in the Kentlands Clubhouse Great Room. Citizens are encouraged to attend meetings and voice concerns directly to the Board, which devotes the initial portion of each meeting to a Citizens' Forum to hear from anyone wishing to speak. When entering the meeting room, please sign in at the table on the left.  If you wish to speak during Citizens' Forum, please list your name and topic on the flip chart at the front of the room. The Board will listen to Citizens in the order they have signed in.

Send an email or write a letter

If you do not wish to attend a meeting, please address any issues, questions or concerns in writing to or in a letter to General Manager, Kentlands Citizens Assembly, 485 Tschiffely Square Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20878.

Call the Clubhouse

For routing questions or to report a problem with some Kentlands community property you can always contact the Clubhouse staff at 301.948.4290.