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The Kentlands Town Crier is the print newspaper delivered monthly to residents upon request throughout the Kentlands community.

The Crier is primarily designed to distribute the information needed by residents on the topics and issues that impact each of us as members of the Kentlands Citizens Assembly.  The paper is a monthly compilation of highlights of the information published on this website, and serves as a primary means of conveying important information to Kentlands residents and titleholders by the KCA homeowners association.

Although there are other local newspapers delivered to your door (e.g., the Town Courier), the Town Crier is the official organ by which you will receive information vetted by your Board of Trustees and President. 

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If you would like to advertise in the Kentlands Town Crier, please contact Dana Macena for further information and ad rates.

Dana Macena, Editor, Kentlands Town Crier
Phone: 301-948-3351