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Request a Resale Package

Request a Resale Inspection

To request a resale disclosure inspection, go to CMC website here.

If you are a first time user, you will need to create an account that will contain all information related to the resale. You will then be prompted to follow the process and provide information related to the property being sold. Payment for this service will be required upon requesting the resale package.

Upon submission, this information will be sent to the KCA by the Community Management Corporation (CMC) resale office to perform a resale disclosure inspection. The inspection includes an overall survey of the condition of the exterior of the home and/or lot to determine if the conditions meet the community’s compliance and design code standards. The inspection will also to determine if there are any exterior modifications or structures (i.e. shed, deck, fence, etc.) that have not been approved. Unapproved structures and/or violations are the responsibility of the seller or owner to take corrective action within an allotted timeframe. A buyer who accepts a property with an unapproved structure(s) and/or violation(s) will be responsible to resolve any of these inherited issues.