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Until now, if you had to list the five most important things to you, most likely you would not have thought about your right to drive. Now that you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), your right to drive has probably moved pretty high on the list.

Having a valid driver’s license is essential for getting to work or school, going grocery shopping, driving your kids to their activities — for taking care of yourself and providing for your family. Needless to say, driver’s license suspension will make life difficult.

Fight DUI/DWI Charges And License Suspension

Administrative license suspension (ALS) is one of many penalties for drunk driving. DUI/DWI (also referred to as driving while impaired or driving while intoxicated), may also lead to fines and, in the most serious cases, jail time. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be able to avoid or minimize these penalties.

Follender Law Offices, P.L.L.C., in Nashua, New Hampshire, has been providing DUI defense and criminal law representation for more than 35 years. We know that the first step is to investigate the charges against you and ask questions such as:

  • Was the traffic stop justified?

  • Did the police explain your rights to you?

  • Did the police violate your rights?

  • Were the correct procedures followed when conducting field sobriety tests, blood tests or breath tests?

The reality is that police make mistakes. If we can determine that an error was made during the traffic stop, evidence against you may be thrown out or your DUI case may be dismissed. Our goal is to get you through this with as little impact on your life as possible.

Drunk Driving And Drugged Driving

Today, most people know that driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or greater is cause for a drunk driving arrest. Many do not know that many police officers and other law enforcement personnel now receive training specifically to recognize drug impairment. As a result, drugged driving arrests are on the rise.

Whether you have been charged with DUI/DWI because you tested above the limit for alcohol, you refused the Breathalyzer test, or are accused of driving with marijuana, prescription drugs or another intoxicating substance in your system, we can defend you.

You Must Act Quickly To Prevent License Suspension

Each DUI case is technically two separate cases: a civil case and a criminal case. The civil case involves possible suspension of your driver’s license. This case moves quickly, beginning with the ALS hearing. If you want to prevent suspension of your license, you should enlist an attorney as soon as possible to ensure timely defense representation.

Free Consultation About DUI Defense

It is important to act fast so that you can preserve your rights to challenge the administrative license suspension, review the police reports, preserve evidence, and have second tests performed on any breath or alcohol tests that were conducted by the police. Call 603-577-8757 or send an email to get started today.