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Private Lenders in Maryland

There are several ways to borrow money. For example, you can contact a bank or credit union if you are a member or private lender.

Here are some of the private lenders operating throughout the state.

New Funding Resources

New Funding Resources offers private hard money loans fund transactions banks and credit unions can't touch with a ten-foot pole: those requiring speed, underwriting flexibility, loan customization, and personal service.

New Funding Resources provides borrowers with super fast and dependable access to private funds they need to buy, renovate, operate or sell single, multi-family and commercial properties. They understand that it takes money to make money. However, the company also believes that building wealth in real estate should not be limited to those with already deep pockets. New Funding Resources' hard money loan programs are flexible, focused on the strength of borrowers' transactions, and designed to help their customers succeed.

Equity Lending Inc

Equity Lending Inc is a private lender specializing in the DC, MD, and VA areas since the 1980s. You deal directly with the money source—they do not use lines of credit, do not require minimum credit scores, and do not sell loans to others. This means that their document requirements are flexible. Equity Lending Inc does its evaluations on most deals and avoids the entire appraisal delay. As a result, equity Lending Inc can fund you very quickly.

Local Private Lenders

Local Private Lenders focused on reducing the many friction points and inefficiencies associated with buying and selling investment real estate. This singular focus allows their members to move faster, make smarter decisions, and increase returns. Unfortunately, too many people profit from the inefficiencies. Local Private Lenders here to streamline transactions, provide transparency and remove unnecessary costs associated with finding, figuring, funding, and flipping real estate. They offer both long-term and short-term loans.


If you are looking for a payday loan, AdvanceLoan's lenders are specialists in offering payday advances every day. They are industry experts in payday lending. You will receive fast, professional service, and the cash will be deposited into your bank account quickly and securely.

AdvanceLoan provides payday loans up to $1000 with no fees. They also work with borrowers who have bad credit.

Kerins Associates Inc.

For 29 years, Kerins Associates Inc.'s commitment has been to help its clients and the professionals that assist them in making informed choices about their financing options. The company aims to help families meet their personal and financial goals with the lowest monthly mortgage payment. With many years in the mortgage business, Kerins Associates Inc. has built relationships with top lenders to provide elite programs and pricing.

Kerins Associates Inc. uses technology and tools to make the home financing process transparent and simple.

Mariner Finance

The Mariner Finance family of companies has been serving communities since 1927 throughout the country, with branch managers who live in the communities they serve. For their customers, that means convenience and commitment to the community. Mariner Advantages cite simplicity, safety, and security as their benefits. In addition, the company promises personalized deals and assures that checking offers will not affect your credit score.

Credit Direct

Credit Direct is a new online consumer loan provider that simplifies access to funds. Their straightforward approach to lending is designed to get you from application to funding as soon as 24 hours. To get you the best offer available, they lend directly as well as through our trusted partner network.

Credit Direct's online application process takes minutes to complete and won't hurt your credit score to check offers. Then, select the amount you need to borrow, submit your application, review your loan options, and sign for your loan. Their rates and terms are clearly presented so you can make the best decision for your financial situation.